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 Aurora School of Mystic Arts RP [RP Thread]

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PostSubject: Re: Aurora School of Mystic Arts RP [RP Thread]   Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:53 pm

Adelle straightened out, "Well then... um," she looks around, "So... what's the first course of action should we take?" she asks. Well, this was definitely her very first time handling a team. She didn't know what do really.

Stephanie growled, "Oh for pete's sake!" she exclaims, "We find the shards! Just how long have you been in this school?!"

Adelle growls back, "I know we find the shards! I was asking about what we should do first to find the shards!"


Felix kept a hand on his pocket, keeping a firm hand around his inhaler. He could already tell that this challenge was going to make them run around and well, face other obstacles and Felix would just have to cope, but he was never going to survive this if he drops it. He sighs in relief, at least Miss Andrea was here. She might seem scary, but in events like this, she seems pretty reliable. Felix felt bad for automatically putting all the pressure on her, but he doubts he'd be of any help in this.


Dami followed with a wry grin. He doubts he could really work well with someone like Nicholas who acted like he had a stick up his- a place where it would be very uncomfortable. But he was a noob around here, and well, he said so himself, he won the last two. He shrugged, he'll just cope with it. Then he'd never have to see this guy again.

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PostSubject: Re: Aurora School of Mystic Arts RP [RP Thread]   Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:26 pm

"Will you both be quiet!!" Lily suddenly piped up. As soon as she said that, she shrunk back in her shell. "I-If that's alright. W-we should just cooperate for now and find the shards if you two are desperate for the prize." she spoke, her voice fading gradually.


"Element affinity." Aaron spoke simply. "The element itself leads you to the shard." he explained in the shortest way. "You've done a water-element magic last time. I'm sure you can track down the water shard, can't you?" he spoke, fully expecting the witch would be able to do so.


"Let us only hope that other teams are not in our direction." Andrea muttered as she calmly followed the floating ball of fire that was leading them to their target. "Keep a sharp eye out for the other gems if you are able to." she told the two.


Maybe not thaw out, but how about giving it a SPARK of love? /tabledforbreaking4thwall

Rhy only shrugged and almost would have rolled her eyes too if she wasn't conscious of what she was doing. "I was only making sure that you're not the only member of this team." she muttered under her breath. It was very likely that she was the only one who had understood what she just said.
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PostSubject: Re: Aurora School of Mystic Arts RP [RP Thread]   Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:47 pm

If you are able to...
Andrea.. not even this kid knew how the gem would look like. Nada definitely wouldn't be able to tell the difference between gems and other ornament in that school. They both sparkled, how would he notice it. Nada felt frustrated even though his face said the opposite. He had no choice but finding a gem first so that he would have at least an idea of their shape. Nada looked around, maybe he could spot a gem in the air...? Maybe..
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PostSubject: Re: Aurora School of Mystic Arts RP [RP Thread]   

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Aurora School of Mystic Arts RP [RP Thread]
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