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 Lunar Online RP [Profiles]

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PostSubject: Lunar Online RP [Profiles]   Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:27 pm

And so now we have an MMO inspired RP...? Anyway, I just kind of mixed and matched the infos of the MMOs I've played since ToP so just do the same. If you're not familiar with even just one MMO or at least .HACK, it's alright. You can play as a newbie. No problem in that, yes? Oh and we all start with Level 1!

Oh yes, so we all don't get mixed up with the location, I've selected the map from Tales of Pirates, beginning at Argent City in Ascaron map. The link is on the bottom.

Welcome to Lunar Online.
The most advanced online game ever created. Played by over millions of people, Lunar Online is one of the largest Mass Multi-player Online RPGs. Using head-mounted displays, players move about a virtual reality world. Explore the map or fight mosters alongside your comrades.
You choose!

    1) Do not flame/harass/threaten or make racial slurs/derogatory remarks toward other members.
    2) Be literate. Write in third person. Don't be lazy and don't use shortcuts. (i.e. text talk)
    3) OOC posting should be confined to the OOC area only. Put in parenthesis, braces or brackets.
    4) Don't hijack the RP! Wait for your turn. We do it in a round robin sched.
    5) You may not move/hurt/kill another character in roleplay without their writer's permission.
    6) Swearing is allowed.

Profile Template:
[b][font= Georgia]Character Name:[/font][/b]
[b][font= Georgia]Class:[/font][/b] <Hunter/Rogue/Swordsman/Mage/Priest/Crafter>
[b][font= Georgia]Appearance:[/font][/b]
<Explain how they look. Make sure that clothing is not in contrast with the character class. Character and reference images are optional.>

Quick Facts:
    Hunter. Hunters are skilled at disrupting and killing their enemies at long range.
    Rogue. Rogues are skilled in the art of the Shadow Blade. Using their Stealth Skill, they can mask their presence and surprise their foes in battle.
    Swordsman. Swordsmen are skilled at dealing burst damage over a short amount of time.
    Mage. Mages specialize in taming elemental powers and mental forces, seeking for knowledge and wisdom. This class is skilled at cursing their enemies with debuffs and can summon monsters to their side to aid them in battle.
    Priest. Priests possesses a variety of strong Healing Spells, Defensive Spells and Buffs. They may also be able to curse and weaken the enemy with their spells.
    Crafter. Crafters are skilled at making different types of armor, mages robes and cloth armor and metalworking, particularly in weapons crafting.

Special Note:
  • Hunters may use short bows, long bows, cross-bows and guns.
  • Rogues may use knives, daggers, twin short swords or twin daggers.
  • Swordsmen may use normal swords, dual swords as well as heavy blades (including axes).
  • Mages may use wands, staffs and scythes.
  • Priests use staffs ONLY.
  • Crafters don't have weapons although they may use their tools: wrenches, forging tools etc.
    LAST NOTE: Since we're all just low levels, don't use fancy weapons yet. For now let's just settle with simple ones. Change of weapons are only at least every after 5 levels.

Please wait for an approval before you start to RP ♥
>Map Guide< || >RP Thread<

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PostSubject: Re: Lunar Online RP [Profiles]   Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:24 pm

Character Name: Pinkette

Class: Mage

Appearance: [what she looks like] [what her outfit looks like]
Pinkette has long pink hair from reaching to her waist that is in a partial pigtail style. Her eyes are pink. Her outfit is basically the sailor mage style - sailor hat, styled inner dress, blazer and a bottom cape. The color of her outfit is basically a pink for her inner dress with red accent and a white blazer accented in pink and red. (if you look at the outfit pic just changed black to pink and yellow to red.) Her would be weapon is a staff but for now she starts of with a bone staff [level1~9].

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Lives in another dimension

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PostSubject: Re: Lunar Online RP [Profiles]   Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:33 pm

Character Name: EnigmaticSoul

Class: Priest

Appearance: [Appearance and Clothing (base)] [Weapon (level 1~9)]
Soul has long silver-colored hair that is tied up in pigtails. Her eyes are a dark shade of brown. She wears a dark brown long-sleeved robe that reaches down below her knees and has slits on both sides of it reaching up right below her hips. She wears a sand-colored cape over her outfit and she also wears black stockings. She also has matching dark brown ankle-boots and cloth gloves. Adding to that, she wears a hat that also matches with the rest of her clothing. At her current level [Level 1~9] she uses an old wooden staff.

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PostSubject: Re: Lunar Online RP [Profiles]   Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:36 pm

Character Name: king

Class: swordsman

Appearance: costume minus the staff and with different colors ; this is what he looks like; his sword
King has layered black hair that reaches to his shoulders and a pair of red eyes. He has this indifferent look on his face most of the time and if not, he usually smirks. Has a beige-colored grunge-coat, and a dark-violet tunic top. He wears a black shoulder-plate on his left shoulder and matching armor gloves lined with silver and dark-brown khaki pants. Accessorizes with dark-colored belts in which holds up pouches and his sword. Image is complete with a dark-red headband tied around his forehead. His sword is overall 43 inches with a 33 inch blade. The blade material is of stainless steel and the handle is made of cast metal silver finish wire wrapped grip. The sheath is made of black leather.

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PostSubject: Feunoir   Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:28 pm

Character Name: XyvraiFeunoir
Class: mage
Appearance: appearance (for the top only) , weapon level 1-9 (without pattern)
Feu has casual short dark brown hair. His eyes are yellow and quite big, they look like woman's eyes somehow. He wears a black long sleeved-top that similar to mixed oriental-western outfit with yellow lines in the edge. He tied a dark green scarf as belt on his waist, and black pants and boots. He also wears blue crystal piercing on his right ear and a silver bracelet on his left wrist. His weapon is a simple white scythe.
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PostSubject: Re: Lunar Online RP [Profiles]   

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Lunar Online RP [Profiles]
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